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Turkish customer placed order again for purchasing our Vibrating fluid bed dryer
From:Jiangsu Yutong Drying Engineering Co. Ltd.  Time:2021-7-7  Visit:

After receiving our dryer, Turkish customer installed and debugged our vibrating fluid bed dryer which loaded before Chinese Lunar New Year. After running 2 months, customers are quite satisfied with the working performance of our dryer and also the new design of dryer, and gave us high tributes. 

The representatives from Turkey negotiated the technology for drying another material in their factory, in the insuing negotiation, by possitive feedbacks of their representatives of the group enterprise, they placed the second dryer immdiately for drying another type of granules. 

Compared vertical fluid bed dryer, of course, the continuous fluid bed dryer is a desired drying process for mass production, it is more drying effective compared with conventional dryers. It just takes only 6-8 minutes to achieve success from feeding raw material and discharging after drying process.

Simultaneously, a stupendous continous fluid bed dryer was arranged to ship in the end of June, this continuous FBD used in China domestic for drying vitamic C, this dryer is close circulation type dryer with nitrogen system, the output capacity is 5.5ton after drying. Since the ingrediate of Vitamic C contains solvent, our Senior engineer Mr Zang, Technical Director Mr Gu participated in this engineering. The cost of this project around six million USD for one set circulation type of continuous fluid bed dryer. 

Thanks for your focus on Yutong enterprise. We will continue to report it after debugging. 

Reported by Ms Annie from Jiangsu, China

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