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Spray drying series

GXP series of closed cycle Spray Dryer

closed cycle spray dryer, the slurry is dried organic solvents special equipment. The machine consists of nitrogen (or other inert gas) as the gas drying cycle, the drying process to prevent oxidation of the material, while the organic solvent can be recovered.

Detailed description

Product Overview:
        closed loop spray dryer, an organic solvent-based slurry drying equipment. The machine consists of nitrogen (or other inert gas) as the gas drying cycle, the drying process to prevent oxidation of the material, while the organic solvent can be recovered. Powder Spray Dryer closed cycle is generally used for ethanol, acetone, hexane and other organic solvents form a slurry drying equipment explosion-proof design, the drying process safety and environmental protection. 
Main purpose:
        closed loop spray dryer, the device is suitable for the drying process to prevent oxidation, dry powder consistency demanding. Such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and other industries lithium material powders. The average particle size of the powder obtained by centrifugal spray 10-100μm. Of course, the entire drying process is completed under a nitrogen atmosphere, the organic solvent can be recovered. 
Working principle:

        GXP series of closed loop spray dryer is operated in a closed environment, the drying medium is an inert gas (typically N2), applicable to materials of the organic solvent was dried material or toxic material drying process prone to oxidation dry. The system uses an inert gas as cycle gas, the dried material has a protective effect loop carrier gas through wet, dehumidification process, the media can be reused. Nitrogen heated by a heater into the drying tower, liquid materials are conveyed to the centrifugal screw pump nozzle at high speed circulating liquid is atomized into droplets of nebulizer, complete heat and mass transfer process in the drying tower is powdered dried the material discharged from the bottom, the organic solvent was evaporated under a gas pressure of the vacuum fan, the dust entrained in the gas through the cyclone, after the spray tower dedusting organic solvent saturated gas is condensed into liquid discharged via the condenser condensate , a non-condensable gas as the heating medium after successive dry carrier re-use circulating in the system. While the conventional ordinary centrifugal spray drying is through continuous delivery, exhaust humidity to achieve the purpose, which is a significant difference between the explosion-proof closed centrifugal spray drying equipment with ordinary centrifugal spray drying equipment; drying system for the drying medium N2 internal positive pressure operation, to maintain a certain positive value, if the internal pressure drop from pressure transducer to automatically control the N2 into the amount, ensure that the system pressure balance. 
Schematic diagram: 

Technical parameters:
dry recovery ≥95%
Product ≤2% residual solvent
system oxygen ≤500PPM
electrical EXDIIBT4 riot
equipment system pressure state

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